Meet the Owners

When you step into the showrooms of Casanova Art & Fashion, you will experience the magic of Italian craftsmanship, combining the incredible fabrics and style of women’s fashion from Italy and the fabulous art glass creations of Murano. Owners Keith and Marina travel to Italy several times each year to search out the best of the best.

Marina has spent her career in the world of fashion. She visits clothiers throughout Italy to find the latest fashion designs not available in other boutiques, with an emphasis on organic fabrics and quality production. She also offers private fashion consultations and advice. Her inventory includes many accessories such as scarves, jewelry, handbags, and even 18K gold jewelry from Florence.

Casanova’s selection of Murano Glass is the largest in the United States, with over 60 Glass Masters on display. Everything from small gift items made in Murano, to monumental vases, Venetian mirrors, and chandeliers can be found in their two showrooms. Only the best names in glass are on display, including: Seguso, Barbini, Signoretto, Venini and many others. Casanova’s inventory also includes the largest selection of Venetian masks and ancient coins in the United States.

How We Acquire Such Exquisite Glasswork

We regularly visit over 30 glass furnaces on Murano Island, discovering and selecting the most desirable and coveted art glass in the world. We also work with eight jewelry makers on the island as well as five Mask Artisans in Venice. As a result, we can offer the largest selection of Murano Glass in the United States!

By developing and nurturing long-term relationships with the Glass Masters, we have earned special access to the latest artistic creations and the ability to commission unique, handmade pieces for clients requiring a one-of-a-kind installation.

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